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15th-Jan-2012 08:15 pm - Winners!!

Congrats to all the winners :)Collapse )

I also added banners for last round. Since lj kept screwing that entry up tho, it looks a bit um odd and one of the banners is missing and can be found in the comments. If I made any mistakes on any of the banners please let me know :)
Thank you very much for participating in every round, this comm is now officially on hiatus for the unforeseeable future.
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8th-Jan-2012 01:26 pm - Voting
Round 14 is now officially closed. We ended up with 16 entries.

Participation banner for bangel_4e under the cutCollapse )
Do not vote for yourself, do not ask others to vote for you. Vote for 2 icons in each category.

Voting polls under the cutCollapse )
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7th-Jan-2012 12:16 am - round 14: stellicidio

here @ seetruecolors

I apologize for being some minutes late, I had some problems getting the entry in my comm right, missed some of the html while copying the table and then I messed up the lj-cut...
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7th-Jan-2012 10:07 am - 1 day extension
I'm extending the round :) New deadline is January 7, midnight ur timezone.
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7th-Jan-2012 10:05 am - Round 14: chocobofeather

The rest is here.
[DW] 11River
5th-Jan-2012 09:59 pm - 1 day reminder
U've got one day, until midnight of the 6th of January in ur timezone to be exact, to finish ur sets. We have 13 entries so far. The following people still need to enter their sets:

chocobofeather, stellicidio, nikki_cee, sczep84, lady_turner

Happy Iconing :)
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1st-Jan-2012 04:08 pm - 5 day reminder
Hello everyone, Happy New Year XD. You've got 5 days, until January 6th midnight your timezone to be exact,  to finish your sets. Happy Iconing :)
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